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The Vertecto Transaction Protection System (the "TPS") relies on the processes used in legal commercial transactions in the industrialized nations. In each individual transaction, you are a Buyer or a Seller. If you are buying from one company and reselling to another company, you are the Buyer in the first transaction and the Seller in the second transaction. The escrow protects the Buyer and the Seller.

Creating and completing deals and escrows is easy. (1) A Buyer or Seller sends an offer (an "Invitation") to buy or sell routes or other services. (2) The Buyer or Seller agrees to the terms by accepting the Invitation. (3) When the Invitation is accepted, the parties have an agreement (which we call a "Project"). (4) The TPS moves the Buyer's funds into the escrow or contacts the Buyer to fund the escrow. (5) The Seller sends Invoices to the Buyer as the Buyer uses services. (6) The Buyer approves the Invoices. (7) The TPS releases funds to the Seller.


You can read our detailed instructions and help files by clicking on the appropriate link below or, if you prefer, take a look at our QUICK REFERENCE CHART

Creating and Managing Transactions

Managing Your Funds
We always remember that the money we are holding belongs to you. That is why we provide you with complete transparency in your accounts and transactions. View and manage your accounts all day every day. Check your balances, see every transaction, add money to your account or withdraw money, fund individual transactions and exchange your money between currencies at your convenience. With Vertecto, you can manage your funds, conduct your business and protect your trasactions through a single portal. With Vertecto, there is no need to maintain separate accounts in different nations just to operate your buisness.