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Friends Page
Friends Page

Friends of Vertecto are friends of our members. Vertecto friends must meet be neutral and innovative. They must make telecom transactions easier, safer, less expensive or more efficient. Finally, friends cannot compete with our members.

Vertecto friends offer special deals for our members. In some cases you can access friend services directly from our site.
   Transparate is a rate matching service that allows carriers to find routes that are priced below their buy rates and routes priced above their sell rates. Enter the routes you want to sell and your sell rate and Transparate will list carriers interested in buying those routes at a profit to you. A special FREE offer is available to Vetecto members. Once you are registered with Transparate, you can find routes through Transparate without ever leaving the Vertecto system. Transparate has created an exclusive offer to allow Vertecto members to try their system for FREE.

WHY DO WE LIKE TRANSPARATE?  Carriers can trade routes directly without paying per minute fees and the membership rate is very reasonable. It is like a minutes exchange that allows you to make a profit.
IceHook   The IceHook Slinger service provides secure, reliable and scalable CDR storage and management services designed for carriers of all sizes. The IceHook web portal allows your customers and your partner carriers to view their own CDRs. You decide which portions of the CDRs customers can view. IceHook has created an exclusive offer to allow Vertecto members to try their system for FREE for 90 days.

WHY DO WE LIKE ICEHOOK?  IceHook stores your CDRs in near real-time from unlimited switches and provides a customizable customer/vendor interface for your customers. Pricing is flat rate, not per minute, so you can save money. We especially like the fact that IceHook can eliminate some CDR based disputes.
LCR Solutions    LCR Solutions is a neutral provider that advertises itself as a total back office rates and administration department for small to midsized carriers. LCR Solutions normalizes, classifies and sorts your carrier pricing without the need for you to purchase expensive equipment or software. They create personalized LCRs and switch tables and allow you to calculate vendor pricing, access routing details by vendor, code or cost, calculate costing by average or least cost, and more. Determine vendor sell back information, do customer target list analysis and create variable margin percentage price lists and rate sheets for your Customers.

WHY DO WE LIKE LCR SOLUTIONS?  Normalizing, classifying and sorting carrier pricing and creating LCRs and switch tables involve substantial time, expense and effort that could be better spent buying and selling. LCR Solutions provides these services efficiently for less than the cost of an hiring an employee or consultant.
LCR Solutions