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What We Do

Vertecto Services, LLC helps companies conduct safe, efficient, fast and secure transactions with domestic and global trading partners. We also offer third party solutions to help you finance, record and verify your transactions. We currently focus on serving new and established companies in the global telecommunications industry.

Vertecto protects and expedites transactions for sellers, buyers, and service providers. We help new and established sellers and service providers move quickly and safely to take advantage of new opportunities and to serve new customers during credit approval and afterwards. We protect buyers who choose to deal with new or unfamiliar sellers or service providers. We also protect buyers who have access to funds, but who have limited credit histories. We give buyers and sellers fast and safe access to new markets and business opportunities without a lengthy credit approval process. Back

Why We Do It

We founded Vertecto after years of frustration in the telecommunications industry. While we have decades of experience in business, law and finance, these areas have long established consistent methods of completing transactions. In telecom, each time a carrier buys or sells routes, it deals with carriers of varying experience and quality. Carriers have to contend with more financial risk, different forms of agreements, and different customs more than businesses in many other industries. There is no single independent source for carriers to find many of the services they need to expedite their deals.

We looked long and hard for companies and solutions that we could trust and that could provide us with a variety of services. Most of the companies we found were created by salespeople, not financial professionals. Customer funds - our funds - were comingled with operating funds. There was no attempt to comply with state and federal regulations. Most potential solutions were not carrier-neutral. They had conflicts because they were in the business of buying, selling or exchanging routes, so we could not trust them with our customer and carrier data. Others were paper based and slow. Still others were one man shops and we would have had to risk our money on the health and goodwill of the owner. Almost all relied on small regional banks, were expensive, and had very limited international capabilities. None made any attempt to insure our funds through the FDIC. We decided to form Vertecto to do it the right way. Back

Our Goals

Our goals are to expedite, standardize and protect your telecom transactions. We strive to make it possible for you to turn up new routes in minutes, instead of days or weeks. We know that terminating carriers want access to new markets and customers. Originating carriers want to improve coverage and to obtain better rates. Back

Opportunity And Risk

The global telecommunications marketplace has grown dramatically in recent years as a result of the growth of stable IP communications systems and global deregulation of the industry. The expansion created substantial opportunity, but it also created risk and expense. When the market was comprised of government and private monopolies, nobody worried about getting paid. As prices, markets and competition changed, buyers and sellers learned that they have to react quickly and decisively to new opportunities. Sellers must extend credit to new and unknown customers. Buyers are required to prepay or arrange expensive letters of credit for unknown carriers who may or may not exist a month from now. Vertecto limits your transaction risk with fund protection. We reduce your expenses by lowering your costs of doing business, including lower foreign exchange costs and contract costs. We allow you to focus on your core business. Back

Third Party Providers

Why do we link to third party providers, such as finance companies, outsourced billing companies, switch partitioners, and reconciliation companies? We believe that it is in your best interest and ours to provide you with the tools you need to conduct your business efficiently. One purpose of a clearinghouse is to connect providers with customers and vice-versa. We do our best to provide links to service comapnies that specialize in the telecommunications industry. This starts you on the path to finding what you need. If you can't obtain financing or billing or switching, you can't operate an efficient and profitable business. This hurts everybody, from the customers you could have helped to the carriers who want to deliver your calls. Of course it hurts Vertecto too, because you only need our services if you are buying and selling routes. Vertecto does not charge third party providers for listing on our system. This is a service we provide for our members. We want to hear your comments about the providers you find through our site. If they did a great job for you, we want to know. We also want to know if you received poor service or had other problems. This helps us to assure that our customers receive the quality you deserve. Back