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How It Works
How It Works

When you find a buyer or seller for your routes, you can rely on the Vertecto Transaction Protection System (TPS) to protect your transaction. The TPS is designed to be fast, efficient and easy to use, while providing our members with the best possible protection. Our members can use the TPS for their protection when dealing with one or a thousand carriers and customers at a time. The TPS allows you to view the status of each of your carrier and customer relationships (whether each is a one-off deal or a long term relationship), enter new transactions, withdraw funds and more any time of the day or night. From the first step of any transaction to last, your deal funds are kept separate from our operating funds in the highest rated banks, and are protected by neutral and experienced professionals.

The Seller wants prepayment to be sure it is paid. The Buyer does not want to pay until it receives services. A Vertecto escrow solves this problem in 5 easy steps.

Step 1. The Seller and Buyer agree to deal terms and agree how much money the Buyer will put in the escrow to secure payment. You can use the Vertecto system to do this or you can do it directly between the Buyer and Seller. You enter the basic terms on the Vertecto system and Vertecto creates an "escrow account" for your deal.

Step 2. Instead of sending money to the Seller, The Buyer sends the funds to the customer escrow account maintained by Vertecto at premier banks.

How It Works Step 2


Step 3. The Buyer sends calls to the Seller as it normally would.

How It Works Step 3


Step 4. The Seller sends invoices to Vertecto (and can optionally send copies to the Buyer). Vertecto sends the invoice to the Buyer for confirmation.

How It Works Step 4


Step 5. The Buyer confirms each invoice and Vertecto sends the approved amount to the Seller's account. If only part of the invoice is approved, the disputed portion remains in the escrow account while the dispute is resolved.

How It Works Step 5


NOTE: The Buyer can add more funds and continue sending calls if the Seller agrees.


Now that earned funds are in the Seller's account, the Seller can point them to another deal or use the money to pay existing invoices. Of course, the Seller can also have the funds sent to its company account.