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Vertecto offers a variety of services designed to protect and standardize wholesale telecom transactions, increase transaction efficiency, reduce credit risk and reduce transaction costs. We enable large and small carriers to do business with new wholesale customers while credit checks are pending or while the wholesale customers build credit histories. We enable carriers to use regular and one-time routes without worrying about receiving payment or losing deposits. Our goal is to help the telecom industry to standardize terms, conditions, tracking, verification and dispute resolution.
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Vertecto operates a safe and secure escrow service. An escrow protects the Buyer and the Seller just like a bank letter of credit, except that our escrows are simpler, faster and less expensive, especially in telecom transaction. While we proudly use only the largest and most secure banks, you also have the comfort of knowing that your USA dollar accounts (up to $250,000) are protected from bank failure by the USA government's Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
Multiple forms add complexity and increase carrier legal costs and other back-end costs. We have seen scores of different origination and termination agreements. Vertecto offers forms of standard domestic and international agreements for use by our members to standardize deals. When you use Vertecto to deliver rate changes and other notices, Vertecto acts as a third-party verification provider, allowing you to prove delivery. Of course, the use of our forms is always optional.
Vertecto is dedicated to improving the industry. We provide you with access to other carriers for new routes and customers. We will connect you with a variety of service providers for financing, leasing, call verification, billing services and more. For lenders we provide lockbox, draw management and other services. As new services and products become available and as markets change, Vertecto members will be able to look to us to find the best and latest in the industry